About PPG

Pragmatic Performance Group Ltd is the south west’s leading business acceleration specialists for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). We have a vision that businesses should be able to have delighted customers, motivated employees, confident leadership and the resilience to thrive in times of change. We work with SME owners and managers to stimulate business growth through allocating the appropriate specialists and approaches needed to match existing resources and future requirements.

The Pragmatic Performance Group has four divisions which provide different levels and types of business development and assistance to SME owners and their enterprises to achieve this vision. Click on each subject link to find out more about that specific area of business support.

For established businesses looking to kick-start accelerated growth, we have:

Pragmatic Performance Management – specialist business acceleration consultants, who work within the client’s business to enable effective and sustainable change. PPM’s services include:

  • Board Advisors/Non-Execs who add specialist knowledge, experience and objectivity to strategic planning and decision making.
  • MBTI® Personality Type Profiling for Team Building, Leadership and Management Development – enabling individuals to understand how their behaviour and actions influence and motivate others.
  • LIMA™ business change tool which analyses and identifies the means to achieve coherent evolution rather than disconnected revolution.
  • Specialists on Tap™ who solve resourcing issues either by rolling up their sleeves and getting on with the job in hand or coaching individuals to deliver what the business needs, when it needs it.
  • Flying Squad™ who partner innovative business owners to attract investment for growth.

Pragmatic Performance Training – practical business skills development aiming to deliver instant impact to boost the bottom line! Benchmarked against current leading edge approaches, every PPT facilitator delivers pragmatic learning to be applied rapidly into real life. PPT’s key products are:

  • Energising Business Masterclasses™ unique 5-4-3-2-1 approach to skills development that speeds up the rate of learning and enables newly honed talents to be applied quickly in the workplace.
  • Pragmatic Performance Presentations Public Speaking Success learned from current presenters and speakers who deliver interactive, informative and memorable presentations every time.

Dangerous Marketing – the marketing consultancy that challenges existing conventions and perceptions of marketing.  Starting at the strategic level, a single point of contact works on the client’s behalf to select the best combination of subject specialists to deliver all aspects of marketing, social media and communications to accelerate business growth profitably and sustainably:

  • Dangerous Marketing Specialists – read the bios and backgrounds of our first rate team of professionals
  • Selling with Intelligence™ – coming in 2010, our new “How to Sell Successfully” training programme that combines psychological analysis of buying behaviour with sales closing skills.
  • Dangerous Marketing Online – leading articles, videos and podcasts from our specialists to help accelerate your sales and marketing.

Alternatively, if you are looking to start up a business or add a new division to an existing one, we have:

Pragmatic Business Ignition providing knowledge, tools and practical support for new business ventures.  Combining provision of the key knowledge needed at start-up with access to our network of highly successful business contacts who are willing to share their experience, we fast track fledging entrepreneurs to become viable businesses quickly and profitably.  PBI’s products include:

  • Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ our innovative challenge that combines a competitive selection process, the 5-Day Immersion, followed by 12 months of business acceleration mentoring.
  • Bootcamp in a Box® is our Masterclass for Entrepreneurs. Focusing on personal attributes of the entrepreneur, it’s ideal for learning about business ownership as well as starting up new ventures. It contains all the EB secrets to success, but is delivered in half the time.
  • The Upstarts Club™ allows new & would-be start-ups to pick the brains of successful entrepreneurs as part of a hosted peer-to-peer network. It’s open to anyone who wants to turn their business ideas into commercial reality.

To learn more about each division’s speciality, click on the relevant division’s logo on the right, or contact PPG to arrange an initial meeting (free of charge) to discover how we can help you accelerate your business growth.

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